i am not my body


I am what lives among the bumps and thumps of this beating heart

it is I who travels to all the places I’ve been and places that have yet to exist in one sitting


I live deep in the caverns of these brown eyes

where the warm liquid of a buried sun pulses and yields life

I swim in the light, diving playfully and purposefully into its ever brighter depths

night comes – I peer and pour into the universe that surrounds and fills me

where darkness begets impossible beauty and uncertainty is hopeful in its very nature, for even dead stars converse with our souls


I am not my body

I am the heart of the battle within myself, a hurricane in all its reckoning

The calm eye and torrential winds – what power in the synchronicity of the two

Chaos and calm, forming an inimitable whole


I pray not with my hands but with the fervor of ten thousand congregations, to every god and none at all

that those I love know that they are ever more than some



because tell me,

have you ever tasted another’s tears? warm like anticipation in the chest a second before the release

rich with cinnamon and deep sea salt, from where all the rivers converge and have held hands,

made memories through the sun and storms of centuries past?


We are not our bodies

We are the stuff of dreams and more than is imaginable, moments without location, time, or place

We are strange friends and friendly strangers

So come along with me and we’ll escape into ourselves where without these bodies,

we can finally, fully, freely be




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