too many don’ts // doubt-nots


I don’t feel here

I see what is and know most of it isn’t

Speak what I think I know

and call bullshit

But words change with time

I mean well



We could die at any moment

yet we don’t I guess

don’t leave me

either we live at the world’s end

or be ended


this living was not my choice

but thank you

where’s the reset I’m done

but I can’t be

I’m hung so don’t touch me

will you hold my hand


empty fills

but I don’t know that I’m going

take me with you

don’t forget to take care

people don’t break easy


laissez-faire self-destruction

just don’t mind me

watch and learn and wait and pray

maybe one day will

run into moonlight, don’t come back


same old new shit daily

we sleep under stars only through windows

I can’t find no more I knows

maybe only I notice

and wind blows away


people near, not close

learn to try to think

but don’t push me

be all you can’t be

we are what are





note: this poem is from 2015, earlier, and I still feel it, and get lost in it, and confused but calmed at its twists and plunges.


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