“I’m collecting my thoughts.”


As though they come when you please,

stay put when you leave

The mind is messy.

Simple, delightful confection

rivaling summer’s promised drops

about the hands and all over some child’s giddy face.

Tension in the nose bridge and a lopsided smile confirm,

the challenge has been accepted.

Tongue at the ready-

a study in the purest hubris.

Summers pass in delicious, fleeting thoughts.

Moments punctuated with words fall

under time’s indulgent weight,

and in sporadic drops, collect.

[Well-versed in theories of relativity,

my use of metaphor is at once timeless and shallow, therefore vaguely sufficient, sufficiently vague.

Fortifying thinly veiled convictions,

attempts to describe the uncharted depths of my own id.

I’ve got no idea what It really encompasses.]

It bubbles up from the iridescent darkness sometimes.

Nearly opaque spheres give way and

sulphuric puffs dissipate into sweet familiarity.

It falls from my skies; I am exposed.

Always underprepared for my own presence,

no umbrella or warm bed away from the thoughts in my head;

the drops drip, again.

In the stillness of a clear bright day,

crouched down to a puddle

I reflect in It-

see myself fading below the surface times before.

At peace in panic, mumbling last words, pushing realizations through

the muck-

a fresh bubble pops; the cycle continues.

Perpetual thoughts build tension,

precipitate all throughout the mind-state.

The time to ‘collect’ is shorter than breath.

Tongue at the ready-

do you accept?





Let You Flow, Daehyun Kim/Moonassi