beckoning: urgent letter to the revolutionary


tell of when

the last time you couldn’t

not speak your mind was


did you?

and when you did,

lose a piece of yourself?


have you missed it?


never forget that loss can give,


you are greater than the sum of your parts


mama said pack light,

time don’t wait for you, to change or turn back

for the flippant


build the intangible along the journey,

capable of anywhere

you have now,

and the abundance of now’s after that

to be


take only what is worth your fervor

to the chest,

join us


in held hands,

we race to speak our souls

through the streets






chaos, decided

free will allows for all
(only fools will hold still aiming to control the tide)
chaos, the formless matter
on which choice embarks,
was mis-marked by human charts,
read: too treacherous to channel

but we are bred to venture beyond what is seen,
un-phased by gradients ahead
present, buoyed, attentive

meeting dimensions in motion
with mind intact, in tune with torrential symbiosis
grounded in the natural toss
of elements abound
somewhere between latitude: lizard brain;
longitude: chakra six

mapping time, and again
without prescribed route,

by light of the fight,
blinking at the speed of, progressing in spite of – respectively

this travel reads steady only as cycles woven into one

choose your way,

you will find no means to ends untimely



we don’t-land

once there you’ll see us everywhere

those who feel not here
very much aware
that 1. relativity grounds us,
gives weight to that floating 2. we feel,
comfortable highs at varying depths; within 3. we are titled
to be without 4. an insecurity is illusory at best

tethers loosed
when friction bore holes in well-worn philosophies,
tore, and rubbed our tender bits

more than casualties of meant-to-be,
we revel in the promise of uncertainty
in lieu of any tangible truth
or allegiance to the tried
(beyond that it has been)

defer no dream
to the realm of banality,
to the constructs we see
5. crumble 6. under their grip,
7. the bullshit fist saturated with cowardice and
lies 8. neatly nestled into lies:
protect, serve, 9. kill
automatically, incidentally, thirsty-
10. eyed to deny human dignity,

through institutionalized manipulation
contemporary crusades of divine-
staked claim to human capital

imprisoned for the fee,
plundered at the chest
black and brown commodities
rich, [bullet-]warm bodies
for sake of “order” stifle,
as the guilty, gilded cold
line the limits of this land of the free

ours is not 11. the path of least resistance, nor conscience wiped clean,
oblivious, 12. guided along the seam of two dimensions 13. flat,
between 14. yells of this-and-that-and again;
15. plane tugged to extremes, 16. splaying monuments 17. to demise

we roam the fluid above,
navigate the unbound,
the stuff of it, self
+ human
in spite of

we remain
present, yet unfound