seen cycle(s)

clouds above,

in harmony with the depths,

channel rumblings of change

on a stormy beach


with friction, release

as sure as

the tides turn to breeze,

carrying the eye upward and outward

to the same blues and light-churned hues


you stand

toes dug in, feeling ground fall to foam

rolling underfoot, little by little, away


you stand

holding on at the sole,

trusting soul, core, and sinew to see you through


or carry you in step

that the grit of your body mix with

the salt of her own

with each push into the sands

against past and current


never again the same,

but always another time ’round

the exchange of sun and rain

in sync with sea and psyche


and if night came and the ocean stood still

how would you feel it stop? all at once? from then on?

perhaps the draw of a vast, endless mirror


that the light absorbed in the colors we see,

is the same energy

permeating all from a swell underneath







are you eating though?

diet is all that we consume, spit, chew

– habitual nourishment


are you swallowing everything they give you?

if they sliced your insides,

would they find poisoned persons,

leaded pipes, oil-tumored fish?


an environment in a void?

sowed by averted eyes

when humans, whole in asking their fill,

ask whatever we can spare in shared streets

between the extremes of need and greed


so, if you could have a that you wanted and nothing more, what would you give?


those unseen and not heard

may be over the herd mentality


starved, bodies rejecting the constant processed cud

when the institutions’ false sense of security

fenced us in

to fight for scraps, fumbling on crumbs

– you know, people drown on land all the time

pulling out dregs, trying to break the surface

with one hand extended, one behind the back, flat


what do you hunger for now, given that?