(in)rupture | watch

it’s this..

sinking feeling

thick like soggy heat

escalating summertimes

over time, filling your lungs

inevitable equilibrium

once again

breathe in

spill out

think: did you leave something burning?

burn more we are running out

think of regenerations,

seven steps ahead

regardless of timeline or path taken

what then?

what if they ask to know?


when we passed by the whole point in our advancing ability to project, and

pushed onto pressure

when we first tuned out the steady, echoing drip or the smell of sulfur

or let go the weight of our way collectively

openly consuming our selves

while men sat in rooms drawing lines in the sand, in the cities, overseas

in the bathrooms, classrooms, wombs

– all routes tried and tried again in

pursuit of fools’ gold

ethicless goals in powerpoint and coal may glitter all the same

and who are these

corporate state-sanctioned people

that don’t feel the Sun

and what have they done

with our life-blood

taking and breaking, never giving

plunging crude down our throats by night-lingering light,

aiming to stifle the song of the future

you are responsible for your wake

in this world, enough often comes in hindsight

uninvited, packaged tightly

so when nothing is said

and it all comes undone

it is natural law

power, as energy, flows, seeps, stains,

rumbles underfoot and hides in plain sight

look around


never disappears, cannot come from nowhere

just as the marginalized, displaced, denied


you will find yourself wrapped up in it

feel to gasp and pull away

what then?



as we, we can,

let us make use of our will

it is a long time coming