nurture light // we must

when it comes down to it

all must come to bear

it’s said in rhythm 

at times in rhyme, my dear,

and without reason

internally, eternally

seasons pass 

of our own dreaming

when tales turn ripe then stale

just as well, 

one can go any time,

there is no place like nowhere

and the finite is trifling

don’t let them drag you to their ends 

child of diaspora, you know they could never

take hold your soul

so burst forth

spectra constantly bend

and melanin, 

absorb, glisten, radiate, 

as the moment the candle is lit,

the aura brought with it

in scent , warmth , waves

see, make your way

you are born, perhaps bred to

again reformed , strengthened by a hand cupped at the side

soft vigilance 

enlightened by who we truly be

what is there to seek?

vision carries we

and will takes many forms; 

some we know and won’t

revolution is a process of pull close and unwind 

we’ve broken night before – hold tightly 

.. to BLACK LOVE + transcendence and revolution + TRUTH + eternal youth + flaws + fullnessness + LIBERATION + dignity 

.. things we learn from one another, that cannot simply be known of – we must nurture.

we must nurture. 

we must nurture.