building benevolence (playing crane)

​soft, smooth to let what will, flow

stubborn and strident to make it happen

perhaps both…goals

on alternate ends,

inviting you to open up and see it all, broad

part of one sum, something greater


because there will be times the truth

shows your self to you

and times out of balance

but do not practice the latter. trust.

I once tried –

to escape the former, self,

and reached the same

dark, dank, dreadfully conscious corners

each round about

until standing one leg taut,

this being built up, greeted reflection,

flexed, and flew out


drawing in, extending, retracting,

along the way

seeking to build benevolence

once and for all, resolved:

not to take this life to its end

but to disappear time and again,

unconcerned with returns,

to learn of shared destiny,

that work be prayer and playtime,


and though spirits be bound to something

near secrecy

all souls at some crossroads,

find harmony.