beckoning: urgent letter to the revolutionary


tell of when

the last time you couldn’t

not speak your mind was


did you?

and when you did,

lose a piece of yourself?


have you missed it?


never forget that loss can give,


you are greater than the sum of your parts


mama said pack light,

time don’t wait for you, to change or turn back

for the flippant


build the intangible along the journey,

capable of anywhere

you have now,

and the abundance of now’s after that

to be


take only what is worth your fervor

to the chest,

join us


in held hands,

we race to speak our souls

through the streets






contrary diction

a sincere tease –

misleading truths

speak without words

when ability paralyzes


purposefully unwilling

the fulfilling demise


dead consciousness –

overused function


in confined liberation

vengeful goodness

knows ignorance to be

a guiding impasse.




Published in Scenario Collective‘s first zine in April 2016.


many have proclaimed,

the flesh is weak,


but I’ve never been so sure.

for the flesh contains whole galaxies

and innumerable lifetimes

each tragic, each beautiful


tell me, have you ever tasted another’s tears?

warm like anticipation in the chest

the second before a release

rich with cinnamon and deep sea salt

from where all the rivers converge

and have held hands,

made memories

through the sun and storms

of centuries past


have you noticed the melody

in words spoken just for you?

whispered and willed

into etchings on the soul

just as time

etches ridges into bark,

grain into wood


have you ever held a broken heart?

felt how its pieces clutch one another?

fingers taut

scratching and scoring one another

until the chasms are closed

deep caverns form,

where ghosts live

and reminisce


oh, the flesh is weak


that being the only tangible truth,

we seek strength

we seek refuge in what we know











Published in The Lettered Olive, Volume 11 in 2014.